About Wolfgang


"As soon as the passion of photography has taken you, there is no escape."


The photo artist Wolfgang Gangl, who was born in Vasoldsberg/Graz/Austria, takes photos since his early childhood.

Back then it was the fascination with the simple analog camera, the click and then the surprise when the pictures came back from developing, that triggered the interest for photography.


Today there is no big difference. The fascination stayed, even when he changed the analog camera from the old days to a digital medium format camera.

„I shoot a lot in digital medium format. That takes a lot of time, because from focus to saved high resulting pictures, it can last up to four seconds“ says the artist. „It forces you to take less pictures on the set and to compose the details more deliberately.“ The results are extremely gratifying: especially pictures of people.


For some years now, he put his  contract list aside and only shoots for himself. Pictures of people, just as he sees them. Pictures that he likes regardless of what a client might say. Selected pieces of art make it to exhibitions and picture books. „I do not see myself as a photographer the classical way, more as an artist“ says Wolfgang.


His success agrees with him: meanwhile Wolfgang calls many national and international awards for his pictures his own.